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This design fulfils two purposes, meeting the clients’ needs for a contemporary working kitchen whilst providing a vehicle for the sophisticated lighting installation.

Our clients knew exactly what they wanted and where everything had to go. This left us with the task of fitting everything into place, and to add the final individual touches that we can offer as bespoke designers. These include the hand–made book–matched Black Walnut veneer doors and panels which feature strongly in the overall design, contrasted by the sleek, simple and seamless pale green Corian worktops.

After being shown a sample strip of colour–changing LEDs by our clients, we devised the wall units to produce a continuous "circle of light". A recessed, hidden frame is provided which allows the LEDs to disappear behind the wall units, giving the impression that the cupboards are floating off the wall ahead of an ever–changing and merging spectrum of soft colours which fills the room in a spectacular and breathtaking fashion.