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This kitchen was part of a year long project which included the building of an award winning extension to our client's semi detached house in Edinburgh.

Having a lively young family they wanted the new kitchen to be as open and uncluttered as possible to allow her children to run freely through the area without crashing into anything en route.

By combining curved black walnut cabinetry with more traditional painted doors and drawer fronts, we aimed to present the overall design as a modern-meets-traditional scheme which would act as a bridge between the existing Victorian building and the leading edge contemporary extension.

Additional small features include a bespoke steel and aluminium clothes drying rail over the AGA, hand made amber glass door furniture, a peelings bin by the prep sink which is set into the granite worktop and a U/V bonded open glass shelving system between the old house and the new building. LED's glow through the edges of the glass shelves and at night cast a soft, white beam through their centres.